about beth

creator and founder of Be Sunshine * certified holistic health coach

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Beth’s goal is to educate and empower people to make positive lifestyle choices that lead to more energy, less stress, and a stronger, happier body, mind & spirit.

Beth is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and received her undergraduate education, a B.S. in Recreation and Tourism Management, from Indiana University.  Beth founded "Be Sunshine" in 2019 and is also  a Certified Holistic Health Coach, board-certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and received that training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012.

Prior to working in the field of nutrition and wellness, Beth’s career was centered in hospitality and restaurant management. Traveling, working and living from coast to coast, shaping a diverse background of experience and opportunity.

As a Health Coach, she focuses on helping people achieve optimal wellness through a whole-body approach; emphasizing the importance of not only diet, but other factors such as physical activity, personal relationships, career, emotional wellness, natural therapies, positive lifestyle, and mindset.

be sunshine

Be Sunshine

Sunshine gives us light and warmth…we often search for sunshine…but what if we didn’t have to look for it, or wait for it…what if we ….ARE THE SUNSHINE!

“Go Be Sunshine” was my Mom’s saying to me. My Mom lived her life to serve others, to be a good person, and to make an impact. And while she lead in a subtle, quiet way… she was a force of LOVE, LIGHT and HAPPINESS.  


In my Mother’s memory, I choose to live MY BEST LIFE, for her, for myself and for the impact I can make in the lives of others.  I’m proud to start the BE SUNSHINE movement – where you can live and represent this philosophy and statement in your life and share it with others!   Now…

The World Needs More Sunshine

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Personalized Health Coach Services

  • Enjoy. Life. More. ~ELM (My initials!)
  • Health Begins with Happy
  • Find Your Element, and Be in It

Health Coaches are knowledgeable advisors who provide ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. As your Health Coach, I will listen carefully and help you to navigate the world of contradictory advice to determine what changes are necessary for you. 


Your personalized program or consultation will radically help to improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

Health Coaching provides a wide variety of resources, as well as the necessary guidance, support, and accountability needed to stay motivated and achieve your personal wellness goals

find your element...and be in it


Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the World Leader in Essential Oils. They are the only company with a quality guarantee.

It’s called the “Seed to Seal” promise.

The qualities in these oils can seem almost magical. They help support health and well-being in the way only nature intended!

But how do you know what oils to use or where to start, you say?!   Well…let me share my journey and help you.

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