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Almost every child collects pearls of wisdom from their mother, but what about creating a movement, mission and business centered on the words of your Mom?

To spread Sunshine and Love.


...On August 23, 2018, while visiting my Mom in the nursing home before she passed, she told me to

"Go Be Sunshine" for someone. 

And so the mission began.

Find someone who needs your love and light.

We can all do that.  Our own problems dwarf in comparison to what others may be bearing, so make someone else's world brighter with what you can give.

A smile, a kind word...a ray of your own sunshine.

Inspiration for Your Life. Positively You.

With Intention & Love.

Sunshine gives us light, warmth and energy.

We often seek the sun.  But what if we didn't have to look for it....what if we ARE the Sunshine?!

"Go Be Sunshine" was my Mom's saying to me. 

My Mom lived her life to serve others, to be a good person and share her beliefs.  While she led in a subtle, quiet way, she was a strong force of love, light, happiness and faith.  

In my Mother's memory,


I choose to live my BEST LIFE, for her, myself and for the impact I can make in the lives of others.  I'm proud to have started this BE SUNSHINE message and movement - on her behalf - where you can live and represent this philosophy and meaning in your life and share it with others.  "GO BE SUNSHINE!"

the mission

Let's impact the lives of others in a positive fashion! 

Everyone has a "Sunshine" in their life who they look up to,

who they like to acknowledge, honor or remember.

When you make a purchase from Be Sunshine, and support our Mission and Purpose, you not only have a daily reminder to "Go Be Sunshine" for yourself and others. 

But you are embodying a purpose and passion.

It is a social responsibility / reminder to "do good", "live happy", "be kind",

"shine your light", "pay it forward" and to spread that message far and wide!

A portion of all 'Be Sunshine' profits gives back to charities or organizations serving purpose in our world. 


With each purchase, you can also dedicate a personal message to post on our "Sunshine Shout Outs" page, and choose to have your message be dedicated / featured on our Social Media pages.


What we put out there, comes back to us tenfold.  What we put out in our words, thoughts and energies, is what reflects to us in replication and Abundance!

-The World Needs More Sunshine

You never know when that one beam of light will pull someone out of the darkness.

Be that light.  Be Sunshine.

hannah, north carolina

Beth’s "Be Sunshine" movement definitely connected with my heart!

Heck YES, Be Sunshine!!

kerri, west virginia


Be sunshine




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